Return to Baenafinzynge (Part 1)
And the cart fell down a chasm... Really gnomes?...
Shhh... Here be Driders...
Web this bitch
Death of Vedral'n Shandre
Die Bitch!
Revenge on Vedral'n Shandre
Where did you think you were going?
Meeting with the Don
We do not trade in metals...
Attack on House Tor'rahel
Who so bold?

This was the beginning of it all. The party was summoned by the Matron Mother Dhaun D’tran Tor’rahel herself and charged as a special strike force. After they were officially welcomed into the House as soldiers, more/less, the compound was attacked by a relatively small force of about 300 enemies. A large percentage of them were Lolth-Marked Orcs led by several drow mercenaries overseen by the vampiric necromancer Vedral’n Shandre.

The attack however failed and it brings slight concern because the attacking force was about three hundred when the drow house itself commands a 10 thousand drow army alone. The truth behind the attack seems elusive still… The vampire Vedral’n Shandre was able to get away after the party had “slain” it. The vampire though did as vampires do and turned to a gaseous form and slipped away back to its lair.

Notable Moments

  • grocknu snowboarded on his Greatsword down a wall successfully looking very cool and stuck the landing. Unfortunately he failed to be able to pull his sword from the ground after it stuck in the ground.
  • Shardax flanked behind the vampire successfully, jumped over a troll, and attacked the vampire that was atop of his Monitor Lizard mount. Unfortunately the vampire grabbed him by the throat and started making him into a happy meal. This was the second time something weird happened to him as earlier a drow pretty much ran himself straight into Shardax’s sword with a smile on his face. He also gained 10 bolts that have the disintegration spell that works on undead attatched to it. This was the beginning of the Wicked DM’s headache.
  • Liz, seeing the vampire attacking her mate, went ape shit and slashed the hell out of him with her scythe.
  • A warforged told the weaponsmaster to give him his best shot after seeking to get in his good favor… This resulted in a quivering palm done to him that he would only remove if the warforge collected the heads of five enemies that he alone had slain. Removing the heads with a special knife.

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